PKPM2-6/2/C/003-A 6 A - grønn jordfeilautomat -

Product number
6 A - grønn jordfeilautomat -
6 - 20 AmpèrTilpasset samme samleskinne som elementautomat - PLSMRammeklemme for 1-25mm² Cu Tiltrekkingsmoment 2,4Nm Ik max : 10kA Utløsergrense : 30mA / 100mA Støtstrømssikker : 250A (8/20) Un : 230V, 50/60Hz pulsstrømsikker B - kar. A-type 2p (IT/TT/TN - nett)

Product details

Technical specifications

Ambient temperature during operating-25 ... 40 °C
Anti-nuisance tripping versionfalse
Built-in depth70 mm
Concurrently switching neutral conductorfalse
Connectable conductor cross section multi-wired1 ... 25 mm²
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core1 ... 25 mm²
Current limiting class3
Degree of protection (IP)IP20
Disconnection characteristicUndelayed
Flush-mounted installationfalse
Frequency50 Hz
Leakage current typeA
Number of poles (total)2
Number of protected poles2
Over voltage category3

Product codes

Manufacturer part number111638
Vendor material number1654839

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)86 x 37 x 75 mm
Package volume0.239 l
Package weight0.25 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1 / 60
Usage quantity