efa elektro Fd motor 220/250v uc 3/4p f/fd 430938 ge

FD MOTOR 220/250V UC 3/4P F/FD 430938 GE

Product number
FD-Electrical operator Front mounted 220/240VAC 250VDC
Electrical operator :In order to allow a Record Plus circuit breaker to be operated electrically, front mounted electrical drives are available. These drives are designed for easy mounting onto the breaker front and offer operating times of 75 milliseconds or lower. A specifically designed electrical operator is available for each frame size (FD, FE, FG or FK) each of which has the same specific technical design features. A Record Plus motor operator has three positions "OFF", RIP" and "ON", a three-wire connection scheme and is designed to be fast: all drives close within 75 milliseconds. An operating panel placed on the drive front allows one to choose between two operational positions - electrical or manual. The panel includes a padlocking or key-locking device in OFF position, the position indicators and a manual operator. The devices are connected by means of IPXXB box terminals accessible from the breaker front and located in the immediate vicinity of the terminals of the internal accessories. The box terminals allow for wiring with a cross section of 0.5 to 2.5 mm2.
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Vendor material number4343637
Package measurements (L x W x H)0 x 0 x 0 mm
Package volume0 l
Package weight0.1 kg
Package units1
Usage quantity1
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ220 ... 240 V
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ220 ... 240 V
Rated control supply voltage Us at DC250 ... 250 V
Type of switch driveMagnetic drive
Voltage type for actuatingAC/DC
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