efa elektro Fg vern fast del 3/630a-630br.smr2


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FG vern fast 3/630A-630Br.Smr2
FG630 breaker - SMR2 type:Each SMR2 device has three plug-in elements of which two are needed to allow the device to work properly. A rating plug is needed and is plugged into the jack at the top left of the device. Without a rating plug the SMR2 device will still provide circuit protection but only at that level of 15% of its chosen sensor rating. A battery needs to be placed in the appropriate module, this to power the thermal memory within the trip unit when the breaker has tripped. If the latter is not installed, this funtion will be disabled.The third plug-in element is the extension module jack that allows for extra functionality and/or features. A standard SMR2 is supplied with a blank non function module. Most of these modules will only function when a battery is present.A 24V DC auxiliary supply can be connected to the trip unit. This enables all modules to be used to their full capacity. Modules:Each SMR2 device can be equipped with two plug-in elements, a rating plug and an extension module. The extension modules are simple plug-in devices that allow the user to enhance the SMR2 as a protective device or to add in extra functional features. There is a single function module available with Amp meter and a range of functional modules each adding two functions to the device. This allows an SMR2 to be equipped with :-Ground fault Protection-Ground fault alarm-Load shedding across two channels-Trip reason indicators-Communication (modbus RTu)-Infrared reader Each module has a low level electronic output that can be channeled through the communication bus (when present) or be used to trigger 1A/250 Volt contact modules. Each contact module contains four contacts.
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Vendor material number4340987
Package measurements (L x W x H)0 x 0 x 0 mm
Package volume0 l
Package weight0.1 kg
Package units1
Usage quantity1
End value adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release6930 A
Initial value of the undelayed short-circuit release - setting range1250 A
Number of poles3
Overload release current setting250 ... 630 A
Rated permanent current Iu630 A
Short-circuit release functionDelayed
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