Berøringssikre endeavslutninger 12/24kV

Rated voltage U0/U (Um)
Nominal current according to EN 50180/EN 50181
Type of plug termination
Connection type conductor
Suitable for indoor use
Suitable for outdoor use
With cable lug
Nominal cross section
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RSTI-5854 12/24 150-240/95-240 1168202
RSTI-5854 12/24 150-240/95-240 1168202
Product number
In stock
Vinkelkontakt 250A 1295/2425-95mek 12/24 kV
Rett kontakt 250A 1295/2425-95mek 12/24 kV
VINKELKONTAKT 630A-24KV CSE-A 24630-03, 400-630MM²