ATV312, 500V, 0.55KW, 3-FAS ATV312H055N4

Product number
variable speed drive ATV312 - 0.55kW - 1.8kVA - 37W - 380..500 V- 3-phase supply
Variable speed drive ATV312, 0,55kW, 1,8kVA, 37W, 380..500 V- 3-phase supply. range of product: Altivar 312 - product or component type: variable speed drive - product destination: asynchronous motors - assembly style: with heat sink - component name: ATV312 - network number of phases: 3 phases - line current: 2.2 A for 500 V, 2.8 A for 380 V, 5 kA - EMC filter: integrated - apparent power: 1.8 kVA - asynchronous motor control profile: factory set : constant torque, sensorless flux vector control with PWM type motor control signal - electrical connection: Al1, Al2, Al3, AOV, AOC, R1A, R1B, R1C, R2A, R2B, LI1...LI6 terminal 2.5 mm² AWG 14, L1, L2, L3, U, V, W, PA, PB, PA/+, PC/- terminal 5 mm² AWG 10 - supply: internal supply for logic inputs at 19...30 V, <= 100 mA for overload and short-circuit protection, internal supply for reference potentiometer (2.2 to 10 kOhm) at 10...10.8 V, <= 10 mA for overload and short-circuit protection - communication port protocol: CANopen, Modbus - IP degree of protection: IP20 on upper part without cover plate, IP21 on connection terminals, IP31 on upper part, IP41 on upper part - option card: CANopen daisy chain communication card, DeviceNet communication card, Fipio communication card, Modbus TCP communication card, Profibus DP communication card. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: The Altivar 31 range is replaced by the Altivar 312 range.. Ease of communication:, Modbus and CANopen integrated as standard, CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, Ethernet/Modbus and Fipio/Modbus gateways... Simplified user interface:, Configuration via mobile phone (Bluetooth®), Intuitive navigation, Local controls on the front panel, Numerous application-specific functions, Auto-tuning for optimum performance, Integrated EMC filter, Rugged for use in all environments, A wide choice of voltage ranges.. Applications: - Handling and packing, Packaging, Textile machines, Special machines, Pumps and fans..

Product details

Technical specifications

4-quadrant operation possiblefalse
Application in domestic- and commercial area permittedtrue
Application in industrial area permittedtrue
Degree of protection (IP)IP20
Depth132 mm
Height143 mm
Integrated breaking resistancefalse
Mains frequency50/60 Hz
Mains voltage380 ... 500 V
Max. output at linear load at rated output voltage0.55 kW
Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage0.55 kW
Max. output frequency500 Hz
Max. output voltage500 V
Measuring output current1.9 A
Nominal output current I2N1.9 A

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberATV312H055N4
Vendor material numberATV312H055N4

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)205 x 235 x 205 mm
Package volume9.876 l
Package weight1.8 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1