Product number
variable speed drive - ATV21 - 3kW NAHP - 240V - IP20
Variable speed drive, ATV21, 3kW NAHP, 240V, IP20. range of product: Altivar 21 - product or component type: variable speed drive - product destination: asynchronous motors - assembly style: with heat sink - component name: ATV21 - EMC filter: without EMC filter - network number of phases: 3 phases - line current: 10 A for 240 V, 11.9 A for 200 V - asynchronous motor control profile: constant voltage/frequency ratio, constant voltage/frequency ratio with automatic IR compensation, current flux vector control (FVC) without speed feedback, energy saving ratio, quadratic voltage/frequency ratio - type of polarization: no impedance - IP degree of protection: IP20 on upper part without blanking plate on cover conforming to EN/IEC 60529, IP20 on upper part without blanking plate on cover conforming to EN/IEC 61800-5-1, IP21 conforming to EN/IEC 60529, IP21 conforming to EN/IEC 61800-5-1, IP41 on upper part conforming to EN/IEC 60529, IP41 on upper part conforming to EN/IEC 61800-5-1 - option card: APOGEE FLN communication card, BACnet communication card, LonWorks communication card, METASYS N2 communication card. Benefits: A new breath for your applications!. Open to the main building communication networks. Compact with an economical design specialy think up to answer your needs.... Applications: Range dedicated to building HVAC apllications. All essential functions for variable torque pumps and fans applications:, PI regulator, preset PI, Automatical restart, recovery with the flight, Skip frequencies, Belt breakage detection, Overload detection and under load detection....

Product details

Technical specifications

4-quadrant operation possiblefalse
Application in domestic- and commercial area permittedtrue
Application in industrial area permittedtrue
Degree of protection (IP)IP20
Depth48 mm
Height184 mm
Integrated breaking resistancefalse
Mains frequency50/60 Hz
Mains voltage200 ... 240 V
Max. output at linear load at rated output voltage3 kW
Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage0 kW
Max. output frequency200 Hz
Max. output voltage240 V
Measuring output current13.7 A
Nominal output current I2N13.7 A

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberATV21HU30M3X
Vendor material numberATV21HU30M3X

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)130 x 72 x 145 mm
Package volume1.357 l
Package weight6.7 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1