Product number
Uni-Telway/Modbus serial link, L = 2,5m, 1 female mini DIN+1 RJ45
Uni-Telway/Modbus serial link, L = 2,5m, 1 female mini DIN+1 RJ45. range of product: Magelis XBT - accessory / separate part category: connection accessories - accessory / separate part type: connecting cable - accessory / separate part designation: Uni-Telway/Modbus serial link - accessory / separate part destination: small touch screen panel, XBT terminal - cable length: 2.5 m. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: The Modicon M238 programmable controllers provide simple and intelligent solutions to meet all your business needs.. It provides a optimised solution to repetitive machines based on high speed counting and simple positioning features for 1 to 4 axis through PTO channels or CANopen.... Applications: - Several types of machines and installations, Conveying, Packaging, Assembly machines ….. Benefits: Magelis GTO: the first optimized terminal that doesn't compromise features and performances, State of the art display, Optimised communication, Easy to install and sustainable offer, Adapted to your environment, Availability of stainless steel panel for food and beverage applications.... Applications: - Compact machines, Handling systems, Food & beverage machines, Pharmaceutical industry, etc.... Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: Shooted in severe environment. Magelis XBT GK graphic terminals share their technical characteristics with Magelis XBT GTs. Ultra-flexible, they can be configured and controlled to precisely match your requirements. Particularly designed to operate in severe environments, they offer the reassurance of optimum control on keypad as well as touch screen! Easily programmable using Vijeo Designer software, Magelis XBT GK faithfully reproduces your dialogue in all circumstances.... Applications: - Complex machines, severe environment, machines safety., Metal industries., Mining.... Benefits: The "new generation" stars terminals. Display text messages, or semi-graphic screen, perform diagnostics, control and adjust your control system devices. The Magelis XBT N, R, RT brings you greater convenience and ease of use, with a substantially reduced size. With the new Magelis XBT RT, you benefit from a touch screen and semi-graphic display.... Applications: - Simple and compact machines builders....

Product details

Technical specifications

FunctionPLC - extension
Length2.5 m
Number of poles0
Suitable for analogue signalstrue
Suitable for digital signalstrue
Suitable for input board PLCfalse
Suitable for output card PLCfalse
Type of electrical connection, box-sidedCircular connector
Type of electrical connection, field-sidedOther

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberXBTZ9780
Vendor material numberXBTZ9780

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)200 x 200 x 20 mm
Package volume0.8 l
Package weight0.112 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1