Product number
Metal safety switch XCSE, 3 NC, slow break, 2 entries tapped M20, 48 V
Metal safety switch XCSE, 3 NC, slow break, 2 entries tapped M20, 48 V. range of product: Preventa Safety detection - product or component type: safety switch - component name: XCSE - head type: key operated turret head - contacts type and composition: 3 NC - electromagnet interlocking: locking on de-energisation and unlocking on energisation of solenoid - cable outer diameter: 7...13 mm. Benefits: One of the most comprehensive catalogue of industrial safety switches on the market. Save time in setting up, and place and in the cabinet with our innovative coded magnetic system. Increase the productivity thanks to the third contact dedicated to diagnostics.. Applications: As far as safety is concern all dangerous machines in all sectors are involved. As packaging, handling, robotics, machines tools, presses, automotive sector....

Product details

Technical specifications

Ambient temperature during operating-25 ... 40 °C
Construction type housingCuboid
Degree of protection (IP)IP67
Explosion safety category for dustOther
Explosion safety category for gasNone
Guard locking force20 N
Height of sensor146 mm
Housing according to normOther
Housing coatingOther
Housing materialMetal
Length of sensor44 mm
Locking mechanismOperating current principle
Number of contacts as change-over contact0
Number of contacts as normally closed contact3
Number of contacts as normally open contact0

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberXCSE8322
Vendor material numberXCSE8322

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)110 x 150 x 55 mm
Package volume0.908 l
Package weight1.285 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1