TRYKKSENSOR 10BAR M12 0,5-4,5V GV2AD1010

Product number
Pressure transmitter, XMLP, 10bars, G1/4A male, 0,5..4,5V, M12, set of 1
Pressure transmitter, XMLP, 10bars, G1/4A male, 0,5..4,5V, M12, set of 1. range of product: OsiSense XM - product or component type: electronic pressure sensors - pressure sensor name: XMLP - electrical circuit type: control circuit - pressure sensor size: 10 bar - local display: without - controlled fluid: air -20...120 °C, fresh water 0...120 °C, gas -20...120 °C, hydraulic oil -20...120 °C, refrigeration fluid -20...120 °C - current consumption: < 5 mA - type of output signal: analogue - quantity per set: set of 1 - type of packing: individual. Benefits: Innovation through ease of parameter setting. One of the most comprehensive catalogue of industrial and power pressure sensor on the market, including a user-friendly electronic transmitter sensor which can be configured in complete simplicity, with unrivalled flexibility of modification during operation.... Applications: - Pressure control or monitoring on water pumps, compressors, moulding presses, injection moulders, grinding machines, machining centres, etc....

Product details

Technical specifications

Adjustable current range- A
Bursting pressure30 bar
Degree of protection (IP)IP65/IP67
Electronic versiontrue
End setting10000 hPa
End value measuring range pressure1000000 Pa
Engaging pressure10 bar
Initial setting10000 hPa
Initial value measuring range pressure0 Pa
Max. operation pressure10000 hPa
Max. test pressure20 bar
Medium temperature-20 ... 120 °C
Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact0
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact0

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberXMLP010BD11V
Vendor material numberXMLP010BD11V

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)64 x 94 x 41 mm
Package volume0.247 l
Package weight0.06 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1