Charge Amps EV chargers for nordic climate

EV charger with a style from Swedish Charge Amps. These EV chargers works both for homes and bigger parking facilities.

Did you know that Charge Amps...

  • have indicator lights
  • are made with recycled aluminum
  • have a built-in RCD
  • are delivered with RFID-tags
  • have IP66
  • can be controlled from a smartphone
  • Halo can be personally designed with logo/emblem
  • Aura is vandalism-proof
  • are designed, tested og produced in Sweden

Highly atractive

The designs and functionalities of these EV chargers, makes them highly atractive among both small and big customers.

ElbilladerChargeAmpsHalo natt02
Charge Amps' beautiful design is a coalition between designers from Ikea and Koenigsegg. Photo: Charge Amps

Charge Amps Halo and Aura

Elbillader boks halo vinter01

Frost safe

Charge Amps Halo and Aura are made for true nordic winters. The charging cable doesn't get stiff, even when the temperature creeps down to - 25 degrees celcius.


The model Aura is classified with the class IK10, which makes Aura able to withstand burgulars and vandalists.


Not only is it good for the environment to invest in a electical vehicle, but these chargers makes a difference as well – as they are made from locally recycled aluminum.


EV chargers you can rely on in a rough nordic climate – with it's four seasons and constant weather changes.

Charge Amps charging cables


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