Terms of sale and delivery

These are our terms of sale and delivery for electro. It's imporant that you read it before signing your deal/order.

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Our joint responsibility

Our terms of sale and delivery are the terms you must be aware of before creating a customer account with Onninen. The terms describe your responibilites as a customer, and ours.

It is important that you read and understand the content. If something is unclear or you have further questions, please contact us at kundesupport@onninen.com or by phone 22 39 60 00.

Important information about removal of slips

Packing slips

Onninen takes further measures to secure customers and employees, as well as secure deliveries. We therefore remove all physical packing materials with immediate effect, as one of our measurements due to Corona.

Pick sheets

We also remove most of the pick sheets that follows most products, for the same reason as the packing slips.



Digital packing slips

The packing slip is now obtained by scanning the QR code on the label that is pasted on the box you receive. If your mobile phone camera doesn't automatically support QR scanning, you may need to download an app for that: