Product number
Fipio/Modbus communication gateway, 1 Fipio SUB-D9, 1 RJ45 Modbus
Fipio/Modbus communication gateway, 1 Fipio SUB-D9, 1 RJ45 Modbus. range: TeSys - device short name: LUF - product or component type: communication gateway - product compatibility: ATS48, ATV31, ATV312, TeSys U starter-controllers. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: The Altivar 31 range is replaced by the Altivar 312 range.. Ease of communication:, Modbus and CANopen integrated as standard, CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, Ethernet/Modbus and Fipio/Modbus gateways... Simplified user interface:, Configuration via mobile phone (Bluetooth®), Intuitive navigation, Local controls on the front panel, Numerous application-specific functions, Auto-tuning for optimum performance, Integrated EMC filter, Rugged for use in all environments, A wide choice of voltage ranges.. Applications: - Handling and packing, Packaging, Textile machines, Special machines, Pumps and fans.. Benefits: A motor starter simple and compact. Introducing the 1st intelligent starter capable of integrating motor control, control and changeover functions in a unit 45mm wide! Compact, simple and modular, it adapts to all the applications.... Applications: - Industry: ideal solution when the motor starter needs to be decentralized in the machine or the process.. Benefits: Taming energy. Altistart 48 offers you the benefits of its patented Torque Control System (TCS). Ready for immediate start-up, with simplified wiring and extended communication functions, it can be integrated at the heart of your applications in complete simplicity.... Applications: - Pumps, Fans and high inertia machines, Compressors, Conveyors.. Benefits: Without tool, setting up become easier. Offers tool-free setup and maintenance, clipping together simply via spring terminals to ensure reliable connections and enhanced safety. Tesys Quickfit increasingly discrete wiring also makes it more compact.... Applications: - Industry, infrastructure, building, etc: The motor power-starters in question are those which combine circuit-breakers with 9 to 32A model d contactors..

Product details

Technical specifications

Supply voltage AC 50 Hz# V
Supply voltage AC 60 Hz# V
Supply voltage DC24 ... 24 V
Voltage type of supply voltageDC
Supporting protocol for TCP/IPfalse
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUSfalse
Supporting protocol for CANfalse
Supporting protocol for INTERBUSfalse
Supporting protocol for ASIfalse
Supporting protocol for KNXfalse
Supporting protocol for MODBUStrue
Supporting protocol for Data-Highwayfalse
Supporting protocol for DeviceNetfalse
Supporting protocol for SUCONETfalse
Supporting protocol for LONfalse

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberLUFP1
Vendor material numberLUFP1

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)170 x 60 x 134 mm
Package volume1.367 l
Package weight0.234 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1