JFA DCP H VIGI B32A 2P 30MA SI A9N19897 0

Product number
Jordfeilautomat DCP H Vigi - 2P - 32A - 30 mA SI-klasse - B-kurve
Earth leakage circuit breaker DCP H Vigi, 2p, 32A, 30mA class SI, B curve. circuit breaker application: distribution - range of product: Acti 9 - product or component type: earth leakage circuit breaker - product name: DCP Vigi - device short name: DCP H Vigi - network type: AC - earth-leakage sensitivity: 30 mA - earth-leakage protection time delay: instantaneous. Benefits: The efficiency you deserve, Acti 9 is a DIN rail switchgear system that combines efficiency with safety to ensure maximum safety for you, your customers and their installations., Acti 9 is packed full of innovations. Acti 9 enjoys the benefits of Schneider Electric's more than 40 years of experience., Acti 9 covers all applications, especially polluted environments and networks with absolute safety and improved continuity of service. Example: VisiTrip detects Faulty outgoers., Acti 9 is easy to choose, thanks to its meaningful part numbers. Example: A9XXX225 = 2p, 25A., Acti 9 is easy to install and environmentally friendly. Example: Its components are 100% recyclable and recoverable.... Applications: Low-voltage final distribution, Protection by Miniature Circuit-Breaker (MCB) in all industrial and commercial buildings., Protection of motor circuits., Protection of DC circuits., Protection of people and property by super-immune earth leakage Residual Current Devices (RCDs)., Protection by surge arresters against overvoltages of atmospheric origin., Control of power and control circuits by contactors and impulse relays., Remote control of circuits by remote controls associated with Miniature Circuit-Breaker., Remote control and protection of circuits by integrated control circuit-breaker, Programming, regulation, signalling, etc....

Product details

Technical specifications

Anti-nuisance tripping versionfalse
Built-in depth76 mm
Concurrently switching neutral conductortrue
Current limiting class2
Degree of protection (IP)IP20
Frequency50 Hz
Leakage current typeOther
Number of poles (total)2
Number of protected poles2
Over voltage category3
Pollution degree0
Rated current32 A
Rated fault current0.03 A
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity according to EN 6089810 kA
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity according to IEC 60947-210 kA

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberA9N19897
Vendor material numberA9N19897

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)40 x 98 x 80 mm
Package volume0.314 l
Package weight0.25 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity1