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TeSys Vario, emergency stop switch disconnector, 25A, on door
TeSys Vario, emergency stop switch disconnector, 25A, on door. range: TeSys - product name: TeSys VARIO - device short name: VCD - product or component type: emergency stop switch disconnector - performance level: high performance - poles description: 3P - contacts type and composition: 3 NO - network type: AC, DC - rotary handle mounting style: direct - handle colour: red - handle front plate colour: yellow. Benefits: More foresight for better prevention A range of safety control products which are simple to use and set up, with compact ergonomic products to meet requirements for starting or stopping motors.... Applications: All machines requiring:, DOL starting or stopping of motors, load breaking of the machine control circuit..

Product details

Technical specifications

Version as main switchtrue
Version as maintenance-/service switchfalse
Version as safety switchfalse
Version as emergency stop installationtrue
Version as reversing switchfalse
Number of switches1
Max. rated operation voltage Ue AC690 V
Rated operating voltage690 ... 690 V
Rated permanent current Iu25 A
Rated permanent current at AC-23, 400 V14.5 A
Rated permanent current at AC-21, 400 V25 A
Rated operation power at AC-3, 400 V5.5 kW
Rated short-time withstand current lcw0.3 kA
Rated operation power at AC-23, 400 V7.5 kW
Switching power at 400 V0 kW

Product codes

Manufacturer part numberVCD0
Vendor material numberVCD0

Basic information

Package measurements (L x W x H)85 x 125 x 86 mm
Package volume0.914 l
Package weight0.221 kg
Base uniteach
Package units1
Usage quantity