Special prices on complete PV systems

We are offering very competitive pricing on different PV packages for residential buildings or cottages.

The packages consist of 400W, ”All black” PV panels with an attractive visual appearance on visible, sloped roofs, combined with all the necessary mounting systems and accessories for the DC side of the system. Four of our packages are designed for 230V IT networks, while two of our packages are suitable for400V TN networks. The mounting system is designed for sloped roofs with double-curved concrete roof tiles.

These extremely competitive prices are valid until 31st of may 2024.

If you are planning any installation of PV systems during the coming months or next spring, you should order now!

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Note! This offer is valid only for business customers of Onninen.

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Clarifications and reservations

• None of the PV systems have been simulated in software tools. Technical solution proposals for each specific project might be prepared if the package prices are of interest. Onninen might customize each individual system according to the building parameters. A comprehensive material list for the mounting system and energy simulation in PV*Sol might be provided for each unique project

• Freight and unloading of materials are not included in the price offer. Unloading must be coordinated by the end customer. Freight costs for the specified delivery location will be provided upon ordering

• External placement of inverters in accordance with the inverter supplier's installation instructions - positioned to be sheltered from wind and heavy snow loads

• The following items are not included in the offer: Cable trays / cable bridges, load breakers, ground fault circuit ibreakers, cables, etc.

• Tool kit for the installation of MC4 DC-connectors is not included

• 25 meters of DC cable (6mm2) per string is included, since the location of the inverter is unknown

• We recommend that the roof is inspected by qualified personnel before installing a solar panel system. This inspection should include an assessment of the roof's construction, its load-bearing capacity (ensuring it can support the weight of the solar panel system), and confirmation that the roof will not need replacement during the expected lifespan of the solar panel system

• Available WiFi or Ethernet for connecting the system to the network

• Reservations for errors in the offer

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