Now you have a barcode scanner in your mobile phone!

We have released a barcode scanner as a way of using the search field in the webshop. Makes it super easy to find right products by using the barcode on the product package, or on the shelves in our Express stores.


Why a barcode reader?

A barcode reader or scanner, makes it super easy for you to shop goods by just scanning the barcode sticker on a box, or at the shelves in our Express stores. The camera on your mobile automaticly loads the site for the item you scan, directly here on You only have to log in the first time, then you have all your prices and buy buttons ready for shopping.

This is how you do it:

  1. Open a bowser window on your mobile phone.
  2. Write and wait untill the site loads.
  3. Log in with your user account.
  4. To search by barcode, tap the grey icon to the right in the search field.
  5. You are now asked to give access to you camera, say yes to continue.
  6. Your camera is now ready to scan a barcode. As soon as the camera detects a barcode, it will load the product in our webshop where you can see your price and add to your online basket.

Barcode reader on a mobile phone
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