Easee – small and practical EV charger for all vehicles.

EV charger for nordic climate is produced in Norway. Small and practical wallmounted charger, ready for future needs, like integrated 4G network.

Easee Home

Easee Home is the electric car charger you choose when you make small installations such as private homes, cabins or small living units.

Universal electric car charger
Suitable for all types of electric cars. This Norwegian-made charging robot is small and neat, and easy to install. In fact, you can connect up to 3 Home EV chargers on one course with the automatic load balance! Home has a fully dynamic charging power of 1.4-22 kW, and supports 3-phase charging on IT networks (230V).

Easee Home has integrated earth fault protection in accordance with NEK 400, as well as a built-in eSim (4G*), and the possibility of wifi connection. Load and phase balancing also works offline.

Fast Charging
Easee Home can charge up to 10 times faster than charging via a standard socket, if it is installed on a 3-phase. When installing on 1-phase, the customer will still get 3 times faster charging.

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Photo: Easee

Easee Charge

When you are going to do the larger installations such as garage facilities, parking areas and housing associations, choose Easee Charge. This EV charger supports up to 101 units per cable, depending on the capacity and the desired charging power. Recommended is 25 pcs per 3-phase 63A 400V course.

Easee automatically and dynamically distributes the load between all the chargers using proprietary technology that does not require additional infrastructure, cloud connection or internet. Easee Charge also supports 3-phase charging on a 230 V IT network for the cars that support it, e.g. Tesla.

They come with built-in electronic earth-fault protection as well as an eSim (4G*), and can be connected to wifi. IP54 for both outdoor and indoor installation. The RFID tag gives the customer the opportunity to share the charging station with others via an user authentication set-up.

*eSim requires 4G coverage

Ease home EV charger

Easee Charge EV charger

Equalizer - for Easee Home customers

This smart device allows the customer to use all available capacity in the home for EV charging without breaking the main fuse. It also show the customer's use of electicity directly within the Easee app.

The equalizer is super easy to configure; just take it out of the box and hold it next to the charging robot for one second. Then it is connected to the HAN port on the home electricity meter. Finished!

Easee Equalizer communicates with the charging robot(s), via EaseeLink ™ over radio or Wi-Fi. Developed and produced in Norway.

Read more about Easee Equalizer >

Equalizer skap

How to mount the Equalizer

The unit is mounted using a magnet on the inside or outside of the fuse box, depending on where it best communicates with the Easee. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a wall above the fuse box.

Equalizer Knapp

Three good reasons why you should choose Easee


Full force

This charger can charge on both 1 and 3 fases and supports charging up to 22 kW. It comes with a Type 2 charger input. With the posibility to link more chargers in a serie.



This robot charger is 69 % smaller and lighter than other similar EV chargers. It only weighs 1,5 kg! This means that we save our environment with at least 4 kg copper and plastic for every charger produced.

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Always updated

Easee charger is updated with new functionality regularily. If there are any faults or problems it will be detected quickly and dealt with. You can be sure that you install a safe product that has the future in mind.

Recomended accessories

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All in one app

Let your customer take control over the charging with the help of a smartphone. Not wifi in the garage? Not a problem – Easee offers built-in 4G in their chargers! (Needs 4G net cover).

See usage, set timers and distribute the electricity between the charger and the house within the app. It's simple to save electricity and the environment with Easee.

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Cabel holders and fronts

Your partner for Easee EV chargers

This video guides you through the basics of instalation of Home

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This video guides you through the basics of instalation of Charge

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This is Easee

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