Wild and free!

Another domestic holiday is on the steps - where will you go this year? Forest or sea? Mountains or valleys? Whatever you are planning, we have some great buys that can be smart to bring along.



No cabin and not keen on a roadtrip? Then camping might be for you. With a PROF tarpaulin and solid rope you can easily make your own retreat. Bring hot drink in a quality thermos and off you go.

Camping-activities for both young and old:

  • Bring a flashlight and look for bats and other night-animals at dusk
  • Make a boat out of bark and have a race - who has the fastest boat?


Garden escape

Quality time in the garden creates holiday memories for young and old. Take care of plants and lawns, or get rid of the hedge you have been annoyed with for several years.

The evening atmosphere is all set with the cool outdoor lights Moon from SG Armaturen - the neighbors will ask where you got them.

TIP: Make your own water slide. All you need are 1-2 large tarpaulins. Lay them on the lawn, preferably on a gentle downhill slope and attach the water hose to the top. Then just change into swimmers.


Holiday at the cabin

Your own cabin, the neighbor's cabin, or the in-laws' cabin? Nothing is more relaxing than quiet days at the cabin. Maintain the good mood throughout the holiday with the right equipment.

  • Extra charger - make sure no one runs out of power.
  • Radio - summer music no matter where in the country you are.

TIP: Strap a loading strap between two trees and make a balancing line - how good is *your *balance?



The most important ingredient for a good time is a good mood. Make sure you have a charger in the car for all electronic gadgets - for the whole family. And if you are tired of the few FM stations that are left on the old network, it is time to plug a DAB adapter into the car.

Safety first.
Ensure proper securing of the load with load straps. The thermo cup keeps the coffee warm mile after mile. And should anyone be unlucky enough to pinch their finger in the door, it's a good idea to have a quality first aid kit within reach.

Summer is a done deal with Onninen
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